Sunday, 24 February 2013

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Style Architectz
Photographer: Mphela from Rehae Media (

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Street Style

Thato and Thabang


Black Jersey and White shirt 


 Black single breast Blazer, Polka dot red tie, white pocket hanky and printed bag


  Tshepo and Vusi


 Cream White double Breast Blazer, White shirt, Hand bag, Red scarf, Red Trousers and printed tie.


Red Velvet Single Breast Blazer, White shirt, Pocket Square, and grey trousers.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mending depiction of style....

Finally the long awaited tour for our ground works and expansion began,
Style Architectz landed in the beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal & explored
the city of Durban , through the inherent of growing in family members.
from three guys and friends reflecting lifestyle through their own perspective have landed
in Vintage Gang house hold, it all began in mutual love of fashion, lifestyle and social
views, later to become a mending force that's about to sweep many avenues in times
to come.

Style Architectz is now a formal partner of Vintage Gang following a wild tour, shoots, 
and business talks, keep calm and stay on the watch of upcoming events from
thee pair... We wear what we like @stylearchitects and Vintage Gang avenue.

Stylist and Models: Style Architectz and Vintage Gang.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Urban Class

This has been the most exciting shoot we've done this year...

Ever Since the rise of Izikhothane (A South African youth Subculture of young men who wear expensive clothing and consume a lot of alcohol just for fun)

I have forever wanted to do a shoot with them just to show that the love of clothes or rather the love of style unites regardless of how expensive or in-expensive a person is worth.
To us style has no colour or race...

Style is a is a form off Art we use to express ourselves
Embrace it. Live it. Celebrate it....

Photographer: Mphela From Rehae media (
Styled By : Tshepo Mohlala


Friday, 4 January 2013

Sartorial Savants

 Its been a over two years since Mphela and I met at a fashion show in the East of Johannesburg (Ekurhuleni)...

We've become good friends ever since and have established a great working relationship.

Over the past two years hes been asking me to do a shoot at this field with an abandoned colossal shack which seems to be someones old home or maybe a a church (nobody really knows what went down in this shack0) and to be frank it's a very nice place to take your mind off things..
At the time the idea was proposed to me, I felt that the concept was colossal and i needed to empower myself so  i could use it to my best ability..

well if you a perfectionist like myself you'd understand that prior, preparation and patience is the mother of all best results...

we began working around the concept in December 2012...
simple and straight to the point, we needed a look that'll embrace the atmosphere and we like what we did!

Africa has great locations to offer and this is one of them

African street style is what we stand for:
Style is on point ; Grand Father shoes, Blazers from Johannesburg Markets, Garfield ties and brown shorts Sartorial Savants of our regime.

This is only the beginning.
Thank you for your eyes.

Photographer        : Mphela from Rehae Media
Stylist           : TShepo Mohlala
Pictures modified by    : Tshepo Mohlala
Models            : Style Architectz

Thursday, 13 December 2012

We wear what we like....

Free Fashion @Stylearchitectz we defenetly wore what we liked , not to mention in a desired venue considered interesting and catchy,
Over the past few months we were working over travelling and conducting shoots at interesting
venues, we ended up at John voster Police Station in Johannesburg as we blogged in our previous 
post. Check out more in our facebook page be part of
our movement and like our page. Style Architectz...We wear what we like!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Free Fashion......

We Finally managed to project our vision through the eyes of the forgotten 'imprisonment', fashion of style and mind has always been the source of structuring life , through fashioning your mind in a certain manner of style always projects out derived  uniqueness of behavior and lifestyle.

Through the styling and working behind & front  the shoot of real jail cells have profoundly brought out a conceptual of new levels of understanding fashion and style, imprisonment stands out as correctional facility,if you fashioned well nothing stands unstyled,  thus style stands out as self projection in numerous ways of fashion, lifestyle and ethical class, jail is always associated with the forgotten's and unwanted characters, we bridged the gap through the cutting edge of style. Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful

Photographer: Mphela Tshwene (Rehae Media)
Stylist: Tshepo Mohlala and Vusi Ndinisa
Creative Director: Sthembiso Mngadi

On the Streets...

Style Architect Tshepo Mohlala

Style Architectz Tshepo and Vusi

This where it all begin.
This is the day we learned that time is time and money is money, not the other way around (time is money)

Any who, we are all about style men street style. 
Perfectly tailored blazers, Grandpa shoes and slim fitting trousers.
Our style is clean  yet sophisticated. And we hope that we see more and more street style like we do it.

We are the future of African Street Style.
Too cool